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Everything That R. W. Jameson Guitar Company does begins and ends with a simple philosophy - making high quality musical instrument for players of all abilities at amazing prices. We simply do not believe you always have to spend a lot to get a good, solid musical instrument. We strive to make playing music affordable for anyone who has a curiosity, a passion or a lifelong commitment to playing music. There has never been a better time to start on your musical journey or to add to your instrument collection

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    Acoustic guitars, acoustic-electric guitars, acoustic basses, electric guitars, value guitar packs, mandolins, ukuleles and more

  • Quality & Performance

    You don't need to spend a lot to get a lot when you purchase a Jameson Instrument. Music is our passion and all that we do here at Jameson

  • We Are Here For You

    We are musicians & we believe in our instruments & are always here for you. Read our customer reviews about our family run company and world class service

  • Happy Jameson customers!

    We urge you to compare our instruments to others in the same price range or even more expensive models and you will see why thousands of loyal customers agree!

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